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When to replace your garage door opener

When to replace your garage door opener

Here are 3 signs it's time to replace your garage door opener:

Age: Most garage door openers have a lifespan of around 10-15 years. If your opener is older than that, it's nearing the end of its expected life and may be more likely to break down. Even if it's still working, newer openers may have features that yours doesn't, such as quieter operation, smartphone controls, or improved safety features.

Noise: If your garage door opener is starting to make loud noises when it operates, it's a sign that something is wrong. This could be due to worn gears, a failing motor, or other problems. Replacing the opener before it completely breaks down will save you the hassle of being without a functioning garage door.

Performance Issues: Is your garage door opener slow to respond to your commands, or does it hesitate when opening or closing? This could be a sign of a problem with the sensors or the motor. Don't wait until your garage door gets stuck completely - replace the opener if you're having performance issues.

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Client Review: Jacob with American Garage Door exceeded my expectations. The price for the new garage door opener was very reasonable. I own several properties and will be using American Garage Door for any and all issues related to garage doors in the future.