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Home Projects Jackshaft Opener with a High Lift Door

Jackshaft Opener with a High Lift Door

Jackshaft Opener with a High Lift Door

These beautiful CHI model 4283 Carbon oak doors are 9' high. The homeowner wanted to take advantage of the high ceiling by high lifting the doors and installing jackshaft openers. The ceiling is 14', we were able to lift the doors to take advantage of the ceiling height.

Jackshaft garage door openers are a great choice for high lift garage doors. Traditional trolley openers run along a track across the ceiling. Unlike traditional trolley openers that require headroom above the door, jackshaft openers mount on the wall beside the door, making them ideal for situations where there's limited space above, for instance a low ceiling or a door that is high lifted. Because they are mounted on the wall, they free up valuable ceiling space for storage or other uses. Jackshaft openers are also quieter than traditional openers because the motor is located away from the door itself.

Overall, jackshaft openers are a versatile and functional option for those with high lift garage doors. They offer a combination of space-saving design, quiet operation, and enough power to handle even heavy doors.

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Location: Niceville, FL

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Products Used: Genie Jack Shaft Motor