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Home Projects Wayne Dalton Garage Doors in Flomaton, AL

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors in Flomaton, AL

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors in Flomaton AL

This install is two white Wayne Dalton Model 8000 raised panel Colonial design garage doors in Flomaton, AL. Choose from 4 color choices or 2 wood tone finishes. With 18 panel window options, you can design a door that will update your home and add curb appeal. Our customer chose to have one row of windows with their garage doors to let in natural light.

These entry-level garage doors were selected for their wind load reinforcement options. A wind load door will have a wind load that is required for your area. In the South, that wind load will range from 110mph to 150mph, depending on your proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. This door is made to withstand 140mph.

If you are looking for a new garage door, we can help you decide what the best wind load option for your budget is.

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